Rosenmontag 2018

Rosenmontag 2018

Rosenmontag 2018 – Floats and candies and costumes, oh my!

While Carnival is observed by countries all across the world, celebrations in Germany are marked by delightful traditions, and take on different names in different parts of the country.

For Karneval celebrators in Rhineland, the Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) parade takes center stage on the Monday before Ash Wednesday. Every town hosts a parade complete with floats and candy-tossing, while participants dress up in Funkenmariechen (traditional costumes). Shouts of “Alaaf!” (the fool’s call, which translates roughly to “may he live well” and “Helau!”(a call representing the fun of joy) fill the streets until Veilchendienstag, (Violet Tuesday) the next day.

In Berlin, Brandenburg or Saxony, Fasching celebrations take a similar form, but begin in earnest on Schmutziger Donnerstag, or ‘Fat Thursday’. In southwestern Germany and northern Bavaria, you may find yourself celebrating Fastnacht, sporting elaborately carved masks depicting witches and other animals in the wild.

Today’s Doodle is by German illustrator Sebastian Schwamm. No matter where you find yourself this Carnival season, or what you call the festivities, may your days be full of candy, flowers, and celebrations. Alaaf!


Early drafts of the Doodle below:



You can find more about Rosenmontag 2018 on the official Google Doodle Page


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