Respect for the Aged Day 2018

Respect for the Aged Day 2018

Respect for the Aged Day 2018 – Today Japan celebrates Respect for the Aged Day, a time for honoring elder citizens that dates back to 1947, when the small town of Taka started Toshiyori no Hi or Old Folks’ Day. The idea caught on quickly and soon the celebration spread all over Japan, becoming a national holiday in 1966. It’s now celebrated every third Monday in September.

On this day restaurants provide complimentary meals to seniors, children present gifts to older family members, and volunteers deliver free bento boxes to the homebound, while public musical performances are organized for free.

For years it was tradition for the Japanese government to give a silver sakazuki plate to anyone who lived to be 100. But too many people were turning 100 and the program became too expensive! People in Japan have the second longest lifespan in the world next to Monaco.

Respect for the Aged Day is more about thought and consideration than any gift, though. Handmade creations from a child are often gifted to older members of their family. Even phone calls or simple acts of kindness are great ways to celebrate this holiday.

Happy Respect for the Aged Day!

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