Lunar New Year 2023 (Vietnam)

Lunar New Year 2023 (Vietnam)

Lunar New Year 2023 (Vietnam) – Today’s Doodle celebrates an important festival in Vietnam – Lunar New Year! Known as Tet in Vietnamese, this holiday is celebrated by communities each year during Tet festival, people often travel to the homes of their extended families and bring in the new year with feasts.

Tet festival is traditionally celebrated across three days to spend time connecting with friends and colleagues and visiting temples and ancestral burial sights. During family feasts, people typically eat vegetables, banh chung (sticky rice cake), and cu kieu (pickled scallion).

The colors red and yellow are tied to good fortune, and Vietnamese people give money in red envelopes to children and retired seniors. It’s also a tradition to decorate the outside of homes with flowers — most commonly hoa dao (cherry blossoms) in the north and hoa mai (yellow Mai flower) in the south. 

This year marks the Year of the Cat, which is associated with prosperity, cleverness, and skillfulness. The Doodle artwork is crafted from paper to honor the paper folding & cutting art traditionally practiced during Lunar New Year. 

Happy Lunar New Year, Vietnam! 


Check out the behind-the-scenes process for

today’s Doodle artwork by Doodler, Celine You


Early sketch of Doodle

Paper cut out of Doodle

Painted paper cut out of Doodle

You can find more about Lunar New Year 2023 (Vietnam) on the official Google Doodle Page


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