King’s Day 2022

King's Day 2022

King’s Day 2022 – Today’s Doodle celebrates King’s Day, or Koningsdag. Every year on the 27th of April, Dutch communities gather to celebrate their heritage and honor the birthday of the Dutch king.

Previously known as Queensday, this national holiday’s name was changed when Queen Beatrix crowned her son Willem-Alexander as king in 2013. King’s Day festival goers can be seen wearing orange clothes and enjoying the national drink known as Oranjebitter, all to honor the royal House of Orange.

Street carnivals and flea markets—the day is filled with various lively events and activities. Got a sweet tooth? Stop by a bakery for a quick, sugary bite. Need to do some shopping? Explore the many open-air free markets set up along the streets. Kids are even encouraged to trade their old toys, games and books for new ones. 

Show your Dutch pride and appreciation on Koningsdag this year by donning bright orange apparel.  

Fijne Koningsdag! (Happy King’s Day!)

You can find more about King’s Day 2022 on the official Google Doodle Page


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