India’s Republic Day 2018

India's Republic Day 2018

India’s Republic Day 2018 – On this day in 1950, India solidified its sovereignty by putting into effect the Constitution of India, a governing document that took nearly three years of careful deliberation to finalize, and whose eventual enactment was joyfully celebrated across the country.

The first Republic Day was commemorated with a grand parade at the Rajpath, a tradition that continues to the present day. An important element of this parade is the celebration of India’s rich cultural history, which serves as the inspiration for today’s Doodle by New Delhi-based illustrator Ibrahim Rayintakath.

The geometrical shapes that form the Doodle’s background are inspired by the vibrant colors and patterns of traditional hand-loom draperies from different states. The foreground elements symbolize unique crafts, music and traditional practices from across the country. You can see a man blowing the Sringa, an ancient musical instrument; Kathputli, a form of traditional puppetry used to narrate folk tales; and the spinning wheel, an important symbol of India’s history. Ceremonial dances form an important part of rituals during the many festivals celebrated across India, and today’s Doodle depicts the Bihu dance from Assam. You can also spot the majestic elephant, a key figure in such festive ceremonies in most regions. Finally, the overall outline and motifs are a tribute to Mughal architecture.

All these elements of local culture in bright, warm colors and distinctive patterns are reminiscent of India’s rich cultural heritage, and come together to celebrate a happy 69th Republic Day!

Early drafts of the Doodle below

You can find more about India’s Republic Day 2018 on the official Google Doodle Page


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