Girls’ Day 2021

Girls' Day 2021

Girls’ Day 2021 – Today’s Doodle honors Girls’ Day, also known as Doll’s Day or Hinamatsuri, an annual celebration observed to wish the healthy development and happiness of girls in Japan. Today’s holiday, which is one of the nation’s five sekku (seasonal festivals), is traditionally marked with the display of ornate hina dolls (ceramic dolls) dressed in kimonos worn by the ancient Japanese imperial court of the Heian era (794-1185 A.D.).

Each family celebrates Girls’ Day in their own way but some of the most common traditions include the gifting of hina dolls to the youngest girl in the family. Preparation of seasonal foods often complement the festivities, like chirashi-zushi (a sushi often decorated with pink rice) with hishi mochi (a diamond-shaped rice cake) for desert. Games are another Girls’ Day custom, the most popular being kai-awase, a shell-matching game also passed down from the Heian era. 

While Girls’ Day is traditionally reserved for families with young girls, modern observances celebrate women at every age. 

Happy Girls’ Day, Japan! 



Explore the history of Japanese dolls and their significance during the Hinamatsuri Festival with Google Arts and Culture. 


You can find more about Girls’ Day 2021 on the official Google Doodle Page


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