Elvia Carrillo Puerto’s 139th Birthday

Elvia Carrillo Puerto's 139th Birthday

Elvia Carrillo Puerto’s 139th Birthday – Born on this day in Yucatán in 1878, Elvia Carrillo Puerto, known as The Red Nun, or La monja roja, helped propel feminism to the forefront of Mexican politics in the early 20th century. Poet and early feminist Rita Cetina Gutiérrez taught the young Puerto ideas of equality between the sexes, which would form the framework for Puerto’s lifelong work as a socialist and a feminist.

As Puerto grew up, she dedicated her life to fixing the injustices caused by gender inequality, founding feminist resistance organizations like the Rita Cetina Gutiérrez League (named for her former teacher and mentor). These leagues would deliver lectures to the public about women’s health and the need for women in government.

Puerto helped get women the right to vote and be elected in the state of Yucatán. She was elected to the legislature in 1923, continuing to fight for women’s rights long after serving in that post. Her work would be influential in the introduction of Mexican women’s suffrage nationally in 1953.

Mexico City-based illustrator Hilda Palafox created today’s Doodle in solidarity with Elvia Carrillo Puerto on what would be her 139th birthday. Today we honor her activism and advocacy, which have led women all over the world to fight for equality and representation.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Elvia!

Here are some early color explorations for the illustration:

You can find more about Elvia Carrillo Puerto’s 139th Birthday on the official Google Doodle Page


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