Doodle Snow Games – Day 3

Doodle Snow Games - Day 3

Doodle Snow Games – Day 3 – Welcome to Day 3 of the Doodle Snow Games! On this brrr-eezy day in PyeongChang, we’re joined by athletes from all over the world hoping to prove themselves best in class (or species).

Let’s follow Magpie to the slopes for a fluttering glimpse of today’s action…

With such fierce competition, there’s snow telling who will take the lead today. The anticipation is un-bear-able as Polar Bear makes a pole-less run through the gates at top speed, clawing a path to the number-one spot. Deftly bear-reling down the slope, Polar Bear quipped, “Whew! It’s all downhill from here!

After a stealthy win on the mountain, Polar Bear’s infectious glee can’t be camouflaged.Stop by every day for the next few weeks to keep up with all the action from the Doodle Snow Games!

You can find more about Doodle Snow Games – Day 3 on the official Google Doodle Page


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