Doodle Snow Games – Day 1

Doodle Snow Games - Day 1

Doodle Snow Games – Day 1 – Welcome to the opening day of the Doodle Snow Games! On this brrr-eezy day in PyeongChang, we’re joined by athletes from all over the world hoping to prove themselves best in class (or species).

Let’s follow Magpie into the stadium for a fluttering glimpse of today’s action…

It looks like the whole animal kingdom has turned out to watch the excitement unfold over the next two weeks! Who will be leaping, crawling, or slithering home a hero? Will Snake shed the runner-up title and land the first ever single-footed triple-axel? Will Dog collar the win on the ruff slopes? Will Penguin’s webbed feats earn the audience’s affection or face an icy reception?

One thing’s for sure: the journey alone is a wild opportunity for most of these koala-fied critters! Big or small, win or lose, new friendships are bound to crystallize before the end of the games.

Stop by every day for the next few weeks to keep up with all the action from the Doodle Snow Games!


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Team Doodle Snow Games

Team Lead

Jessica Yu


Alyssa Winans

Juliana Chen

Kevin Laughlin

Nate Swinehart

Olivia Huynh

Pedro Vergani

Sophie Diao


Daniel Dovali Delgado

David Lu

Mark Ivey


My-Linh Le


Perla Campos

Sound Design

Silas Hite



You can find more about Doodle Snow Games – Day 1 on the official Google Doodle Page


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