Djibouti Independence Day 2022

Djibouti Independence Day 2022

Djibouti Independence Day 2022 – Today’s Doodle celebrates Djibouti Independence Day. On this day in 1977, the Republic of Djibouti was established when independence was declared from France.

The Djibouti national flag waving in today’s artwork was officially adopted in 1977. The flag’s design represents Djibouti’s multiethnic culture—along with their national motto of unity, equality and peace. 

Djiboutians commemorate the day with a military parade in the country’s capital, Djibouti City. The national army, led by a colorful marching band, shows new units and equipment to the public. Following the parade, national leaders give speeches to the people of Djibouti in front of the Presidential Palace. 

Other celebrations include fireworks, fairs and music performances in cities and towns across Djibouti. Citizens eat traditional meals like Skudahkhrais (Djiboutian lamb stew) served with a delicious, crispy Sabaayad flatbread. 

Happy Independence Day, Djibouti!


You can find more about Djibouti Independence Day 2022 on the official Google Doodle Page


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