Dina Di’s 46th Birthday

Dina Di's 46th Birthday

Dina Di’s 46th Birthday – Today’s Doodle celebrates the 46th birthday of rapper and songwriter Viviane Lopes Maties—better known by her alias Dina Di—the lead MC of the all-women hip-hop collective Visão de Rua (Street View). She is widely considered to be one of the first women hip-hop and gangsta rap artists to achieve commercial success in Brazil. 

Dina Di was born on this day in 1976 in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, and endured a difficult childhood. Though a guitarist at first, Dina Di picked up the mic in her teens and focused her energy on writing rhymes that captured her struggles and challenged the entrenched social system. 

In 1994, Dina Di led Visão de Rua alongside fellow artists Tum and DJ OG. Together, the revolutionary group released their first single, “Confidência de uma conviceira” (Confidence of a Convict). Having served time behind bars, Dina Di used the song to share the harsh realities of the women’s prison system. She visited jails to share her music with incarcerated women to inspire positive transformation and give those detained hope for a brighter future. 

Dressing in baggy clothes so people focused on her music rather than her gender, Dina Di never stopped exhibiting her power of raw lyrical storytelling to combat social injustice, from sexism in the music industry to the beauty and behavioral standards imposed on women. With Dina Di, Visão de Rua won Brazilian hip-hop’s prestigious Hutúz Awards for best female rap group in both 2000 and 2001, securing her title as the “Queen of National Rap.”

Today, women MCs in Brazilian hip-hop thrive and continue to fuel the movement of women’s empowerment. Their acclaim is intertwined with a social movement built by women such as Dina Di.  




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