Cora Coralina’s 128th Birthday

Cora Coralina's 128th Birthday

Cora Coralina’s 128th Birthday – Anna Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto Bretas led a simple life selling sweets to the townsfolk in rural Goiás, Brazil, the same place where she was born in 1889. At the age of 76, she had her first book of poetry published, under the pseudonym Cora Coralina. She continued to write under that name and eventually was regarded as one of the country’s most important writers.

Cora’s poetry is a mirror of her simple and peaceful rural life. She wrote about love and kindness in a light and sweet manner – quite fitting for a lifelong confectioner.

One of Cora’s poems can be interpreted to say, “Life is not about the starting point, but the journey. If you sow as you walk, you’ll have a harvest to reap at the end”. In her own, unique way, she cultivated a rich world that continues to nourish her readers. Happy birthday, Cora!

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