Carnival 2018

Carnival 2018

Carnival 2018 – Extravagant handcrafted costumes. The captivating rhythm of music from trios elétricos. Millions of party-goers dancing in the streets. It’s time for Carnival 2018!

Marking the beginning of Lent, Carnival is a week-long celebration full of lively parades, vibrant attire, and elaborate music and dance routines. Although observed all over the world, Carnival is especially popular in Brazil. In fact, Rio de Janeiro is home to the largest such celebration in the world, with up to 2 million participants!

The city is also considered the birthplace of Samba, which today is nearly synonymous with Rio’s Carnival. Music and dance play a vital role in the festivities all over the country, and popular genres vary by region — from Forró in Brazil’s Northeast to Axé in Bahia to Frevo in Pernambuco. Irrespective of town, time, or even the number of people swaying to the music, rich and catchy beats pulse through every part of Brazil on this happy occasion!

Today’s Doodle highlights the colorful and lively essence of Carnival. Whether you’re showing off your best moves in the parade this year or celebrating in spirit, we wish everyone a Happy Carnival 2018!



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