Jim Wong-Chu’s 72nd Birthday

28. January 2021 Mr. Doodle 0

Jim Wong-Chu’s 72nd Birthday – Today’s Doodle celebrates the birthday of Canadian activist, community organizer, poet, author, editor, photographer, radio producer, and historian Jim Wong-Chu, […]

India Republic Day 2021

25. January 2021 Mr. Doodle 0

India Republic Day 2021 – Home to approximately one-sixth of the global population, India is among the most diverse countries in the world. Today’s Doodle, […]

January 26 2021

25. January 2021 Mr. Doodle 0

January 26 2021 – Today’s Doodle recognizes January 26 by honoring Maria Island—a biodiverse protected State Reserve located off the eastern coast of Tasmania.  The […]



Petrona Eyle’s 155th Birthday

18. January 2021 Mr. Doodle 0

Petrona Eyle’s 155th Birthday – Today’s Doodle celebrates Argentine doctor and social activist Petrona Eyle. In addition to her trailblazing career in medicine, Eyle fearlessly […]

Celebrating Dr. James Naismith

14. January 2021 Mr. Doodle 0

Celebrating Dr. James Naismith – Today’s Doodle celebrates Canadian-American physical educator, professor, doctor, and coach Dr. James Naismith, who invented the game of basketball in […]