St. Andrew’s Day 2019

30. November 2019 Mr. Doodle 0

St. Andrew’s Day 2019 – St. Andrew’s Day is a celebration of Scotland’s people, culture, and charity highlighted in today’s Doodle, illustrated by Scotland-based guest […]

Michel Berger’s 72nd Birthday

28. November 2019 Mr. Doodle 0

Michel Berger’s 72nd Birthday – Today’s animated video Doodle, made in collaboration with Lyon-based animation studio Souviens Ten-Zan (STZ), celebrates French singer-songwriter Michel Berger on […]


Thanksgiving 2019

27. November 2019 Mr. Doodle 0

Thanksgiving 2019 – Today’s Doodle celebrates Thanksgiving with a tribute to “hand turkeys,” an easy-to-make holiday bonding activity. A time for gathering with loved ones […]


Ani Idrus’ 101st Birthday

24. November 2019 Mr. Doodle 0

Ani Idrus’ 101st Birthday – Today’s Doodle celebrates fearless Indonesian journalist and activist Ani Idrus on her 101st birthday. Co-founding one of the longest-running Indonesian […]